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Our employee success formula

Visualize Career Trajectory

Give employees the power to build their dream career at your company. Flux pathways gives talent a self-directed way to explore personalized career trajectories and find immediate ways to make progress through work opportunities in the platform.

Connect Development to Productivity

Create a future-proof workforce and culture of ongoing development. Part-time projects and rotations offer employees a low commitment way to flex what they can do, learn new skills, advance career goals and explore other orgs while contributing to business critical work.


We match employees with opportunities within your company based on fit. Flux uses its Work Genome combined with predictive intelligence to take a holistic view of employees and connect them to work that aligns abilities, experience and work styles as well as goals, interests, and ambitions.

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Retain and grow your biggest competitive advantage:

Your people.

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Move your team’s careers forward

The company gets the best person for the work and employees get the opportunity to shine.

Surface the work

Define the meaningful work to be done and make it accessible across your organization.

Empower your teams

Individuals own their progress in your company through projects, rotations, & full-time role changes.

Reduce bias

Dynamically connect talent to opportunity with intelligent & fair consideration.

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" Growing and retaining amazing talent is an extremely difficult process that needs constant nurturing. Flux has delivered a unique platform to make that process easy for us, while we empower and engage our employees. "
Ron Storn
Chief People Officer, KeepTruckin