Customer Story

Career Paths for Underserved Employee Groups

High-level details
  • Company initiative to help customer support employees move to other parts of the organization
  • Most diverse employee population, yet highest churn in the company due to limited number of senior roles
  • After launching Flux, 91% of employees reported confidence in career navigation with multiple paths between teams being established


Customer support team was roughly 1/3 of the client's total employees and the most diverse group in terms of race and gender. Despite management focus and investment in training programs, this team also had the highest turnover in the company with "lack of career opportunity" cited as the number one reason for leaving. 

The client had identified several other organizations (i.e. Operations) who had high work demand that was not being met through external recruiting. Traditionally there had not been much movement between groups and Support employees generally weren't aware of the jobs and possible moves that could be made. Flux connected these jobs through its career pathways experience helping those employees discover jobs they didn't know existed as well as connect to others in those roles. Applicants were passed into existing external hiring processes so there was no disruption to existing hiring processes.


  • Goal = establish visible career paths from Customer Support to other teams and reduce regrettable attrition 
  • 2 weeks of initial set up which included integrating with Workday and Greenhouse, and configuring eligibility policies 
  • Flux's career pathway dataset was leveraged and connected to existing jobs as well as employees who had made those moves 
  • Client highlighted paths (in Flux) to teams that were understaffed and could leverage more internal hiring 
  • Applicants were automatically submitted into existing hiring flows in the ATS

Learnings & Results

Confidence in Career Navigation Rose

92% of employees who logged in reported confidence in ability to navigate their career 

Increase in Internal Hiring 

Several teams reduced time to fill by 30+ days by leveraging internal hires from Support 

Employee Connection & Mentorship 

Employees found new channels to connect for advice and examples of others who made moves that were not visible to them earlier. Post opportunity sentiment reporting indicated a significant increase in career navigation & intent to stay. 


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