Customer Story

Scaling an International Rotation Program

High-level details
  • Quarterly program to bring experienced talent to assist with launches in new markets
  • High impact on employee perception to self-grow their career but cost of administration is high (200+ hours/quarter) 
  • Flux reduced administration cost by 10x and employee participation grew by 20%


Prior to deploying Flux, the client had run the program for 3 years across ~40 participating countries by leveraging Google forms, offline spreadsheets and manual processing of program data from program descriptions to prioritization, approvals, openings, candidate review & acceptance, etc. All communications & administration led by the people operations mobility team. 

Average effort to complete one round of the program was calculated to be ~200 hours of work, repeated quarterly, three times a year. They had a valuable program with proof of engagement, realized business impact, career perception improvement, and talent brand lift but the process itself was unsustainable. Due to the high cost of administration the program was fatiguing to management and unable to scale for a wider audience, limiting its effectiveness potential.


  • Goal = replicate what was already working + make impactful improvements to the user experience of both management and talent 
  • 2 weeks of initial set up which included integrating with Workday, configuring workflows & approval rules, and training 
  • Existing eligibility policies and visibility rules (i.e. exact locations hidden, etc.) were easily supported 
  • Review of candidate applications was done identity-blind in Flux

Learnings & Results

Increase in Employee Participation 

Employee participation rose 20%, with 97% reporting satisfaction with the process 

Reduction in Administration 

The entire program took 20 hours to administer end to end, a 10x reduction in cost (4 FTE). 

20% More Females Placed 

Reached 50/50 gender balanced placement compared directly to prior program periods 

Program Leverage & Expansion 

Due to efficiencies gained, the eligible employee population grew 2x & two additional business units were added the following quarter


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