A destination for self-guided career exploration gives employees a place to find internal opportunities, explore career paths, and signal development interests.
Team insights that empower managers with information they need to fuel a culture of self-guided development and career progression.
Internal mobility allows managers can quickly and easily fill openings with capable, ambitious, and best-fit employees who are ready to get to work.
Inclusive resourcing powered by robust, purpose-built AI to automatically consider every employee for every opportunity. Flux algorithms are built and tested to encourage equitable, diverse resourcing and minimize inherent and systemic bias.
Real time AI matching ensures every employee is considered for each available opportunity based on what they have done, can do, want to do, and how their skills and experience compares with peers and candidates.
Auto-generated career pathing that incorporates historic mobility (promotion and transfers), predictive fit, and can be viewed through lenses of business demand, talent connection or mentorship, and is informed by the entire work ecosystem, not just your company.
Business intelligence drives strategic resourcing. Management can plan for critical business needs and team leaders can thoughtfully connect performance conversations to development actions.
No code Integrations mean Flux connects to your existing HR systems to make them better.  From Workday to Greenhouse, LMS/LXP’s to communication tools like Slack, your employees get a seamless experience without an IT headache.
Flux's Work Genome aggregates information from millions of individuals across today’s most successful companies to drive intelligent recommendations.  The data set includes career paths & mobility, skills, development goals, cognition style, work preferences and more.
Easy to administrate. Business complexity is limits functionality and creates poor user experiences.  Flux can respect complex business rules flexibly which reduces administration effort and ensures employees are free to engage without having to correct misunderstandings later.

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