Use Cases

Internal mobility

From standing up a talent marketplace to enabling rotations between teams to finding a next role inside the company, Flux is built to up-level engagement and employee experience at your company.

Talent stays longer, self-directs to work that lets them perform to their potential, learn new skills and prepares them for their next career step all while serving the needs of the business.

Business agility

For any work in the company, Flux allows you to answer the question:

“Who do we have who can do this now, and who can be developed for tomorrow?”

Having an instant bench of talent for whom the opportunity to raise their hand and step into a gap is a career move means the unexpected doesn’t have to impact business continuity.


Connect learning and upskilling with career pathing and succession planning. Employees are automatically discoverable as they grow without the need to remember to update what they’re capable of.

Talent is empowered to self-study or learn via work experiences and feedback surveys signal when someone has acquired a new skill the company should know about.

Sourcing and recruiting, internally

Flux enables internal recruiters to locate well-fit talent within the company, automatically, powered by sophisticated AI and a purpose-built data set made up of millions of data points.

Access the full depth and breadth of your workforce.

Career guidance

Employees can break free of the limitations of personal networks.

By reaching out to peers or potential sponsors who can provide guidance, advice or an opportunity that helps clarify future career paths, employees are given access to work opportunities where they can take a step towards that future today.


People data has a tendency to be siloed in disparate systems. This can make it difficult to understand your workforce, employee engagement, internal mobility trends and more. Flux connects these systems as a hub for ongoing internal growth.  

Centralizing your people data allows you to analyze the impact of internal mobility on key stats like retention and satisfaction.

Compare groups, tenure, roles and more to measure your resourcing health and do more of what works while building diverse high performing teams.

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